Baytree Behavioral Health
1370 Bedford Drive
Suite 106
Melbourne, FL 32940

Phone: 321.253.8887


Baytree Behavioral Health and Baytree Family Behavioral Health are dedicated to the principle that behavioral health services are only as good as the professionals who deliver them. In addition, these services must be carefully integrated to create the unique blend of psychological and medical services each client requires. To accomplish these goals, Baytree Behavioral Health seeks out highly qualified behavioral health providers with a wide range of backgrounds, skills, professional interests and training, and fosters an environment that allows the independent practitioners to work collaboratively to ensure that:
  • Clients' needs are assessed quickly and accurately, and an appropriate treatment plan is developed
  • Service is delivered by the appropriate professional(s) in a sensitive, compassionate, and effective manner
  • Clinicians stay abreast of current behavioral developments and techniques through continuing education and professional development programs
  • Coordinate care is provided to dramatically improve outcome measures
At Baytree Behavioral Health you can be assured of confidential and discrete clinical services delivered by highly trained and qualified behavioral health providers in a quiet pleasant setting at a reasonable cost. We work with you and your insurance company to ensure that you get the care you need and deserve.

Behavioral Health that just makes sense,

Scott Fairchild, Psy.D.

Attention Plus ADD/ADHD Solutions

Attention Plus ADD/ADHD Solutions